It’s hard to fail at something if you get all the little things right, and that is what this book is all about—taking care of the little things.

I believe that it is the little things, done with purpose, that pile one on top of the other until a tipping point is reached and your life is thrust down The Slippery Slope to Success.

Discover the little things, do them, and then hang on as your life goes places it has never gone before!

Never Pass Up an Opportunity is for anyone looking to reduce stress and increase happiness. It is filled with common-sense reminders, each designed to enhance your life.

Discover for yourself why thousands of people continue to read this book on a regular basis and why it can be found on coffee tables all over the world.

The Two Minute Challenges Come From This Book

I always thought that "self help" books were 10% information and 90% filler. Larry Czerwokna's book dispelled the notion that that is necessary. He has 51 opportunities for making life a better place. You can pick and choose the ones you like. I really picked up on some of these, and the "thank you note" was the biggie for me. I think if you asked people I know or work with if anything's changed about me, its that I show my appreciation for things often—and do it sincerely. Don't pass up the opportunity to get this book. It just might change your life.


I have a rave review of this book and I haven't even finished reading it. But that's the great thing about Never Pass Up An Opportunity...I am enjoying it and finding it useful, one page at a time. I open up to a page, read it, and think of ways that I can incorporate it into my life. Recently, I decided that I'd rather direct my life rather than let life just happen to me. This book fits in perfectly by reminding me to look for specific opportunities that are out there every single day. Thanks, Larry. It's brilliant!


This is a wonderful book that serves to remind one of living in the moment. I read it in one sitting. It is a page turner filled with daily opportunities. Reading this opened my mind to a deeper awareness of possibilities that exist now. Rereading it reminds me that my glass is full... not empty. This book serves as a great mentor, who opens a door we've forgotten how to open, and teaches us to live our lives fully, aware, and with joy. Don't miss this opportunity!

Mary Louise Gemmill

People, I highly recommend buying Larry Czerwonka's book  Never Pass Up An Opportunity. It will change the way you act, the way you think and the way you view and live your life through chosen experiences. His en-sights are remarkable. Don't miss this opportunity to put joy back into your life. Read Never Pass Up An Opportunity now. You will be HAPPY you did. Thank you Larry Czerwonka for writing such a beautiful book.

Kathy Stephen

Reading the book Never Pass Up An Opportunity by Larry Czerwonka is like having a best friend who is always there for you, at your side, providing kind and wise words, and who always reminds you that there is good in this world and in everyone you see and meet!


Sometimes you enjoy having a book that keeps you going through life with great advice, a level of motivation and reminders about how to treat others. Larry created a book that should be given to graduates, parents, business colleagues, family and friends. Wisdom is always valuable!

Julie Ziemelis

A powerful and impactful book. The author does an amazing job in motivating you and giving you the guiding light to living life in each moment and inspired to get the most out of life each and every day!

Josh Taekman

The Two Minute Challenge

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Every challenge has been designed to remind you about the little things.
The magic, yet simple actions, that make life so amazing!
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Let’s take back our lives and celebrate the joy of small deeds done on purpose!