What if we all said "I LOVE YOU" just a little more often?

Death, no matter how hard we try and ignore it, always shows up and is always unwelcomed.

We lose loved ones unexpectedly and then live with the regret of never having taken the time to let them know just how remarkable they are.

What I challenge you to do sometime in the next 24 hours is write a short note to the special people in your life telling each one what they mean to you.

This is something you will never regret. But be prepared to be asked by those you send notes to if you have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness. That was my wife’s reaction when I wrote her. My mom, son and daughter’s responses were ones of gratitude and my grandson just smiled (he was seven when I gave him his note).

This is a life changing challenge, one that will bring you closer to the ones you love and ensure that should they pass unexpectedly you will not spend years regretting having never told them how precious they are to you. And should you pass unexpectedly you will leave behind a cherished reminder of your love.