Day Twenty Three

Ted's Thirty Day Awakening

Ted spent most of the morning going through the thousands of the emails that had come in while he was in a coma. Before the coma, he averaged two to three hundred emails a day, but when word got out that he was in a coma and followed by news that he was back among the living, well let’s say Ted was pleased it was all email and not good old fashioned mail from the post office. “It’s going to take me months to go through all of these,” Ted thought as he opened, read, and sent a one-line reply to each email. “I may have to hire an assistant to go through and pull out the ones I need to read. I am positive it is a waste of my time to read emails like the one from CAPTAIN GREG, in 4th Battalion, 64th Armored Regiment unit who is seeking my assistance to ‘evacuate’ the sum of $25 million dollars to me.” Ted is tempted to reply to CAPTAIN GREG, but he figures that James Veitch has the spammers covered so why waste time?

There was one email, so far, in amongst the thousands that stood out, it was from , the astronomer Ted had been listened to on , a radio station out of Botswana. Alexa had played the station as one of Ted’s morning wake up stations. Ted was so moved by the program that he had emailed Mr. Block, never expecting to hear back. But Mr. Block did reply, and Ted was touched by what he had written.

Dear Ted,




I am truly moved beyond words!

Where do you stay, may I ask? In the US?

You listening to me from whenever you stay, is A MIRACLE!!!

I’m taking a group of 32 (mainly doctors) to see the Aurora Borealis.

Most are medical specialists – such as orthopaedic surgeon, gynaecologists,
psychiatrists, etc.

I am typing this little email from Paris, where my wife forwarded your incredible (and most warm) response.

You write SO beautifully! What a gargantuan talent there in the hand of Ted.

Feel free to hit REPLY to THIS email address, which follows me around the globe:

Always look up dear Ted,

DAVID BLOCK (in Paris en route to Norway)

Ted wondered if he would have appreciated Mr. Block’s email as much had he read it before the coma? He would never know, but he did know that he was taking this as another nudge from the universe saying, “This is the path. Keep heading this way. Don’t stop, not yet. Keep moving forward.”

Ted closed his email; he would get back to it another time. As it closed, in the window that had been hiding behind it, Ted noticed a video he had caught a glimpse of quite a few times now. “OK,” Ted said, “message received.” And he played the video

As Ted watch, something that he had felt for a while now, something that had been swimming just below his conscious mind, broke free and made itself known. All of these people who were rushing to see were not doing it because he was rich and famous or because of something he had said or how he lived. They weren’t even coming because of the music he had helped to create. In truth, they were coming because of the memories that music brought to life. They were coming to thank one of the people who had given them their personal time machine—to their youth. A time machine that could be accessed at any time, anywhere, all that was required was music (no need for a DeLorean or a TARDIS).

Ted had long known the power of music, but what he had overlooked was why there was such an outpouring of love for the artists behind the music. Today, it all became clear. Sir Paul and the hundreds of musicians before and after him, were as much a part of who were all are and what made us who we are today, as the friends we spent time and listened to music with as we journeyed through that most transformational part of our lives known as high school.

The opening cords to a favorite song contain all that is needed to transport us back in time. Each song does more than fill us with nostalgia; they awaken the belief that we can do amazing things with our lives and that one day we shall. In our youth, we were going to fix the world. Maybe we still can.

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