Day Sixteen

Ted's Thirty Day Awakening

Ted’s morning began with people talking about a new rating system for eating establishments. Alexa had selected Island FM from Guernsey. Hearing the word Guernsey had Ted seeing cows. He was unaware of a local with that same name. Now if he were to guess where Guernsey was he would have said, “Somewhere in the UK?” Ted was surprised to learn that not only is Guernsey closer to France than it is the UK, it is not part of the UK (although defense and most foreign relations are handled by the British Government). Guernsey is a country, who knew?

While the conversation about ratings and paperwork and inspections was unable to capture Ted’s attention, a page on the radio stations website intrigued him. He noticed the diversity of local happenings as well as the fact that not a single listing included a street address. It would appear that the island is small enough that there is no need for including an address for the locations listed.

Here are some of the things Ted came across:
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Just come along and have a go, no experience necessary.
7.30pm at the Town Church.

Ted could not recall ever reading or hearing about practicing bell ringing. This was something he would be investigating further.

Every Thursday
Relax and bring up your positive energy.
5.30pm – 6.00pm every Thursday at Moores

Ted wondered if any of the people meditating went from there to the bell ringing.

Wed 7th March and Wed 21st March 2018
The sessions are interactive and will give you an awareness of what it is like to live with dementia and some simple things we can all do to assist them to live better.
6.30pm to 8 pm at Guernsey Alzheimer’s Association, Delancey.

An event such as this, on such a small island, led Ted to look up the island’s demographics. Turns out the Bailiwick ranked 10th in the world in 2015 with an average life expectancy of 82.47 years. Bailiwick is another of those words Ted was familiar with yet was not sure what it means. A quick search and Ted learned that bailiwick is similar to a county. Too bad Canada, as well as the US, chose to use the word country instead of bailiwick. There was something uplifting in the word bailiwick.

This last entry really piqued Ted’s curiosity.

Fri 16th March 2018
In support of Mind.
Teams of 6, £50 per team including a ploughman’s Bar available.
First prize – case of Prosecco.
7.30pm at Blanchelande School Hall.

What in the world is a Smartphone Quiz? Ted wondered. It may not be the best use of his time but he was going to spend the afternoon learning more about Guernsey and then trying to contact some of the people living there.

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