Day Six

Ted's Thirty Day Awakening

A text message appeared on Ted’s phone “You still coming?”

“Yes, was trying to get this task done and lost track of time,” He replied

“We’re going to go ahead and order. Want me to order your usual?”

“Yes. Thanks. I’ll be there just as soon as I catch the penguin.” As Ted hit send, he re-read what he had just typed, and wondered, “What penguin?”

While still pondering the penguin, and waiting to see what Deb’s reply would be, Ted heard someone say, “it’s six…above!” and he woke up.

Ted had programmed Alexa to play a random radio station every morning. This morning Alexa had selected 970 KFBX out of Fairbanks Alaska. He got a chuckle out of the way the announcer said the temperature, with the emphasis on the word “above.” But, he wished Alexa had waited just a few more minutes before turning on, he really wanted to find out what was up with the penguin. If there even was a penguin. And to see Deb’s response to his text message.

Ted had expected Deb to show up in his dreams since it was five years ago today (January 1st 2013) that she lost her battle with cancer. Of course, the doctors had some unpronounceable name for it, but all he knew was that cancer was a horrible six letter word and Happy New Year was a phrase he had not uttered since 2012.

Ted debated getting up and watching the Winter Classic (he had watched every Winter Classic with Deb since the first Classic in 2008 when Deb’s Penguins won in a shoot-out) or going back to bed and hoping Deb and the penguin—if there was a penguin—were both still there waiting for him. Even with there being a chance of snow during today’s game, the debate was over in less than a minute. Ted opened the nightstand drawer, found the sleeping pills, popped four of them into his mouth and laid his head back down on the pillow.

Ted would battle the fifth anniversary of his wife’s passing in his dreams—reality would be put off until tomorrow. As he drifted back to sleep he heard, “with snow flurries later this afternoon…”

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Ted’s Thirty Day Awakening is a Serialized Novel with daily updates. Each update is being written the same day it gets posted. There is no telling how the story will turn out. In fact, no one knows what Ted will be doing tomorrow, let alone thirty days from now.

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