Day Seven

Ted's Thirty Day Awakening

Ted was still under the influence of yesterdays sleeping pills when selected the day’s random radio station. “what Christmas is all about…” Five words, spoken in a not quite , moved Ted from slumber to semi-consciousness. He struggled to understand the words he was hearing. Thinking for a moment that maybe he had messed up and not set Alexa to only pick stations that were broadcast in English. Ted rubbed his eyes and focused on the voices.

No luck. Ted still could not make out the conversation. As he reached for the iPad (so he could find out what station was playing) the male-sounding voices were replaced by female ones—Ted understood these voices. And even though he was still in that fuzzy period between sound asleep and wide awake, pieces of the conversation were getting through.

“today’s master class is on the art of meditation … why would right now be a good time to learn to quite the mind? … in that connection you develop a better understanding of yourself … when you understand yourself you understand the world … those are good reasons to start meditation in 2018 … when the world is on your shoulders it’s difficult to find self … so heavy, so loaded, so fatigued … feeling depressed, no way out, the door won’t open … walk, get moving … look into your diet … the balance between sleep and work … looking forward to starting my journey again … in meditation you are not talking to God you are talking to self …”

Alexa had made a perfect selection, CapeTalk 567 AM, a station out of South Africa. The conversation could not have been timelier. Ted needed this reminder.

Just a few months ago, Ted would have missed this opportunity. As part of his downward spiral, he had stopped listening to the radio, had stopped visualizing a better tomorrow, and he had stopped making time for silence (meditation). But now, finally, he was getting his life back. “Baby steps, all it takes are baby steps,” Ted said to himself as he made his way down the stairs to check the mail—a week ago, he would have taken the elevator.

“junk, junk, bill, junk, not mine …” Ted paused. “Wonder why he’s writing.” The letter was from a longtime friend, co-worker, and client. Ted could not recall the last time they connected. He ripped open the envelope, revealing a short-handwritten note and check for $1,000! “OK,” Ted exclaimed. “I get it!”

Ted bounded back up the stairs to his condo, intent on getting some work done, reading his visualization list, and making time for a little meditation…

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