Day Nine

Ted's Thirty Day Awakening

This morning, Ted was awakened by the words: “The temperature outside is 29 degrees” [That’s too cold for me, Ted thought as he rolled over] “and the time is Seven O’clock. You’re listening to RNZ National. Up next is Country Life…”

Alexa had selected a New Zealand station for today’s wakeup call and that chilly 29 was in Celsius. Doing the math (29 * 1.8 + 32) Ted figured the temperature was around 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Now too cold suddenly became a bit too warm for seven in the morning. Funny sometimes how quickly things change.

With the host of Country Life talking about crops and livestock and greenhouses and rain, Ted walked out onto “the” lanai. (Technically it was still “his” lanai, but it was only a matter of time before it became “the” lanai—owned by “the” bank.)

As Ted sat staring out at the ocean, his mind drifted back to happier times. Back when Deb was still alive. Back when he only checked the balance in the bank account once a month. Back when an 8-hour day resulted in at least $600 in income. Back before everything changed.

“So,” Ted thought, mesmerized by the waves, “do I sit here all day doing nothing or, do I try and accomplish something?” Of course, he knew what the right answer was, but he also knew the hold depression had on his life these days and how tempting “nothing” had become.

Ted rubbed his eyes, got up, and made his way to the office, where he sat down, turned the computer on, and waited … and waited … and waited. Ted made sure that the computer was plugged in (yep) and that the plug had power (confirmed) then he closed the laptop, opened it back up and tapped the on button one more time. … still nothing.


It took all the self-control he could muster to keep from giving the laptop a fling across the room.

“Is anything ever going to work again?”

Even though the day had just begun, Ted was throwing in the towel. “What’s the point? No matter what I do or how much I try, I just keep running into roadblocks.” Ted gave the chair a shove and made his way to the couch, where he turned on the TV, grabbed a handful of sleeping pills and called it a day.

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Ted’s Thirty Day Awakening is Serialized Storytelling with frequent updates. Each update is being written the same day it gets posted. There is no telling how the story will turn out. In fact, no one knows what Ted will be doing tomorrow, let alone thirty days from now.

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