Day Four

Ted's Thirty Day Awakening

Not that many years ago, Ted’s living room would have been filled with the sounds of packages being unwrapped, Christmas music, and laughter, but on this Christmas morning, there was no sound at all. In fact, there was not a hint of Christmas to be found anywhere in Ted’s condo.

Ted stared at the corner where a Christmas tree had stood in years past. Then he looked at the table that should have been overflowing with Christmas cards, only to find two lone cards lying there. “How did I end up here?” Ted wondered. Once again pondering the downward spiral his life had taken.

“It doesn’t matter how I got here,” Ted said aloud into the quite room. “What matters is I must start living again. I need to remember that even in hopeless there remains hope.” And with that he sat down and did something he had not done in years, he envisioned a better tomorrow.

Ted jotted a few lines onto a sheet of paper, made copies, and then placed these copies in strategic spots around the condo. On the mirror in the bathroom. On the refrigerator. On the door leading to the garage. On the wall in his office. With the copies all in place, Ted typed the list and printed a copy small enough to fit into his wallet.

Somehow, the simple act of setting some intentions had left Ted felling better than he had in forever. Maybe everything would get turned around after all.

Ted walked into the living room, said, “Alexa play Cusco” and then pulled a rather well-worn paperback copy of Illusions from a drawer, flipped to a page and read:

The simplest questions are the most profound.
Where were you born?
Where is your home?
Where are you going?
What are you doing?
Think about these once in awhile, and watch your answers change.

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Ted’s Thirty Day Awakening is a Serialized Novel with daily updates. Each update is being written the same day it gets posted. There is no telling how the story will turn out. In fact, no one knows what Ted will be doing tomorrow, let alone thirty days from now.

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