Day Five

Ted's Thirty Day Awakening

Ted has spent the past few days reading and re-reading the “make it so” lists he has strategically placed around the condo. He was noticing an uptick in his energy level as well as in his mood, but he was still hoping for something more. Ted recalled that when he created lists in the past and focused on them, something unexpected always showed up and he was counting on that happening again.

As Ted skimmed through the morning mail, a few envelopes caught his eye. One of the letters was from a client he had not heard from in over a year and the other from a friend of going on thirty years now. The last time he had heard from his friend was an email he had received a few months back.

Ted opened the letter from the client and two checks dropped out. They totaled $1,200 and where advance payment for some work the client wanted to have done. The letter from the friend was a short note and a check for $200. The note read, “You helped me turn my life around back in 1996, and have always been there for me, so I think it’s time I am there for you.” Ted wiped a tear from his eye and held the letters and checks to his heart.

Just as had happened in the past, focusing on the list and doing (as opposed to merely dreaming) were starting to pay off. Ted finally had the money to pay the lawyer and cover the electric bill. For the first time in months, his bank account would be above $100! After a few more tears, Ted headed to his office intent on turning the love he was feeling from the letters into a productive day.

Things were starting to happen. Change was in the air. But Ted would need to make sure he stayed on track and kept doing the work that was required to get his life back. After all, it was he who had gone off the path and had stopped doing the things that not only made him successful but happy as well. Of course, few would blame him for his downward slide after losing his wife to cancer.

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Ted’s Thirty Day Awakening is a Serialized Novel with daily updates. Each update is being written the same day it gets posted. There is no telling how the story will turn out. In fact, no one knows what Ted will be doing tomorrow, let alone thirty days from now.

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