Day Eleven

Ted's Thirty Day Awakening

Ted had been up for several hours when Alexa came to life. An over auto-tuned song filled the condo, making Ted question his letting Alexa select just any station once a week. But he knew that limiting Alexa to news and talk radio broadcasts, in English, would not bring unique into his morning routine.

Alexa had tuned to Radio SydhavsØerne out of Demark. While the songs were being sung in English, the DJ was speaking Danish. Ted could not think of a single Danish word. “Alexa how do you say thank you in Danish.”

Alexa replied, “Thank you in Danish … Tak.”

Not that I’ll ever have reason to use it, Ted thought, but at least now I know that tak is than you.

Still energized from yesterday, Ted had spent the morning working out how to write a story without gender, age, race, or location. All the while making the story compelling, pulling the reader along, forcing the reader to fill in gender, age, race. Is the billionaire male or female? That’s up to the reader. Is the story taking place in the Americas or Europe or Africa? Again, that’s up to the reader. Ted would focus on the story, the events, the chance encounters, but the reader would need to fill in character details, on their own.

Knowing that two people reading the same story could envision completely different characters, made Ted’s heart race faster. The main character might be a man in the mind of one reader and a lady in another’s—and they both would be correct. Ted had never encountered a story that relied so heavily on the reader’s imagination. He liked where this was going.

While writing the introduction Ted realized he was in for a challenge, not that he didn’t like challenges. He lived for doing things he had never seen done before. But he knew he would than just an editor and himself going through the manuscript ensuring that she or he or other unwanted detail did not make its way into the story. Already, he had caught two wayward references to gender hiding in the first few pages. Writing gender, saying a name, they were automatic things, hardwired into his storytelling DNA since his of Fun with Dick and Jane.

Yes, this was the stuff that Ted lived for, taking paths few had gone down before. As often is the case, working with the storyline reminded Ted of just how different he had always been. How nerdy he had been and remains to this day. , a word he preferred over geek for the simple reason that it came from If I Ran the Zoo by Dr. Seuss, thus making its origin seussian.

It had been a great morning, even the letter from the lawyer showing that the bank’s foreclosure had been approved and they could now file the deed and the condo was theirs, did little to change his mood.

Ted still had no clue where he was going to move to but somehow it didn’t matter anymore. There was magic in the air.

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