Speak in Public

No Excuses, Get Out There and DO IT

Have a fear of speaking in front of people? You can overcome this fear. I am anxious each time I get up to speak, but I don’t let it stop me. One of the most experienced public speakers around is Billy Graham. Even Mr. Graham says that he has to fight the jitters before coming out on stage. If a speaker of his experience, and who has spoken to billions gets nervous, expect that you will too.

The ability to captivate an audience and connect with people through speaking is priceless. Your voice, the sparkle in your eyes, and your body language are the best tools that you have for selling you, your abilities, and your product or service.

If you can speak (without notes) and demonstrate your passion to an audience, you can go from new acquaintance to a trusted associate in a matter of minutes. Throw in some pregnant pauses, make eye contact, never say “um” or “uh” or similar filler words, and before you know it you can sell Myspace to Mark Zuckerberg.

A quick and simple way to improve your speaking is to watch stand-up comedians. Have you ever seen a comic standing behind a podium or pointing up at a PowerPoint presentation? or reading his script? Me either. Comedians walk around, they reach out and connect with as many people in the audience as they can, they even single out individuals and speak directly to them—engaging them in the act. Pick out the right audience member to interact with and you will have struck gold.

Public speaking should be more stand-up comedy than boring lecture.

A quick way to home your speaking skills is to join Toastmasters. There are local chapters all over the world so it might be wise to check them out. I took my usual route to learning something new, I created the Big Island Internet Society and forced myself to speak in public. It does not matter how you begin, as long as you get started. The ability to speak in public will take you places you never imagined possible.