Master Something . . . Anything

Then Find Other Masters to Share With

I often hear people talking about how we excel at what we love. I think it’s more that we love where we excel. If every time you do something it ends in failure, there may come a time that you stop doing it—no matter how much you love the idea of doing it. On the other hand, if you find it easy to do something, and people compliment you on how you do it, you will do it as often as you can.

You can keep at something long enough to get past always failing but perseverance alone will not make you a master at it. To master anything, you must do it with the intention of getter better at it. Not just better at it than you were last year, but better than average at it as well. And that is why you can either start learning to master something at the age of two (Wayne Gretsky) or three (Serena Williams) or four (Bruno Mars) or you can look at what you already do a little better than most and focus on mastering that.

Are you a master already? If they were to put together an all-star team of people working in your profession, in your community, would you be on the team? Be honest. Now, what about in your county? Or your state? Truthfully now. Would you get voted onto an all-star team? Remember that unless other people know how good you are you will not be on the team. The great musician who only performs in their own home and does not even post their music online will never be rewarded for their talent.

To be rewarded for your talent you need to make sure that people see what you do and how well you do it. One way to do that is to put together an all-star team or put on an annual awards ceremony. You would have an amazing way of showcasing your talents to the community. After all, the Oscars are nothing more than people in the film industry deciding which of their colleagues deserve to be on this year’s all-star team.

Why not create the Bakers All-Stars or the Writers All-Stars or whatever it is that you are a master at (or striving to master). Set it up, bring everyone together, hold an event, create an all-star team. There is no telling where it might lead and at the very least you will connect with a group of people who are just as devoted to your craft as you are.