Never pass up an opportunity to say nothing at all

Never be the naysayer in the room, the person pointing out all that you don’t like or how the proposal will never work. Learn to speak about all the good you see around you and about how wonderful tomorrow will be. People will enjoy being around you and sharing with you and more importantly, will be there to help you.

When someone tells you their dreams, focus on the way you see their dream will come true and talk about that, not the obstacles (or obstacle illusions) that you imagine. By doing this, eventually, you will stop seeing obstacle illusions and it will become “habit” to raise up others and their dreams as well as to speak about a bright future and a better tomorrow, for no matter how wonderful today may be, tomorrow should always be seen as even better.

Start making it a habit to keep quiet when you have nothing positive to say and begin speaking up when you see and hear things that you like.