Never pass up an opportunity to TRY SOMETHING you have never done before

Doing something new is scary but it also is what keeps us alive. It wakes us up. It challenges us. It keeps our brain working. No, you will not do it perfect the first time and you might even look foolish trying but it is better to have tried it, even if you find you don’t want to do it again, than to be sitting in your rocking chair when you are 80 wishing you had tried it when you had a chance and wondering what it would have been like to see that city or build that boat or having played that game or written that novel.

The more things you try, the more you challenge yourself, the more self-confidence you will have and the more successful your life will be and the less likely you are to have a mid-life crisis.

Start making it a habit to try something new at least once a month!