Never pass up an opportunity to get off the beaten path and EXPLORE the road less traveled

Going it alone, taking off on an uncharted course might be scary but it is so rewarding. Being the first to try something, to see something, to experience what others can only imagine, not only makes life more enjoyable, it also opens your life to a wide variety of possibilities.

What’s the fun in doing something just like 10,000 people did it before you? Worse, what’s to be gained by doing something just like everyone else has done it before, knowing that at the end of the day everyone will still complain about the results. The tried-and-true way of doing things rarely leads to a solution: think war on drugs; or measures to end poverty; or a better way of teaching.

Yes, it’s easy to do what has always been done but, don’t be afraid of taking a risk on something new. Too many firms have a culture where new is bad and only doing what has been done before is acceptable. This may have its place but taking the new route and seeing what new results can be found is much more rewarding and is the only way to find solutions to age old problems.

Start poking and exploring in the places where the path is less well defined.