Never pass up an opportunity to TAKE CARE of your physical, mental, and emotional well being

What we eat, or more importantly what we choose not to eat or drink is a daily opportunity to choose to be healthy and full of energy, or not. We all know how little we can accomplish when we have a cold and those of us with more than forty years of living behind us know what it’s like to wish we had the energy of a ten year old again. The daily opportunity is to move, to keep active, and to eat in ways that ensure we will feel good tomorrow.

Instead of fighting off a cold look for opportunities to not get sick to begin with, learn to eat better, to stay active, to get plenty of rest, and to stress less over life.

Few of the things that we worry about ever come to be so it is better to not worry, to not stress, to keep your mind and body in balance and thereby give yourself a longer and more enjoyable life.

Start treating your body like the sacred vessel that it is!