Never pass up an opportunity to turn someone you just met from a stranger into a FRIEND

We rarely think about it but at one time or another everyone in our life was once a stranger. You did not know they even existed, let alone rely on them for advice or share smiles and spend time with them.

The best way to turn a stranger into a friend is to spend just a few minutes with them doing a little exercise a good friend of mine, Grif Frost, taught me called “Born, Raised”. Ask the stranger to tell you where they were born, where they grew up, what schools they went to, what childhood memories are vivid in their mind, what they have done and currently do for a living, what hobbies they have. Doing this simple exercise will quickly connect you at a level that normally can take years to establish and turn, what just moments ago was a stranger, into a lifelong friend. No matter what anyone says you can never have too many friends especially ones that are out there rooting for your success.

Stop seeing strangers, start seeing friends!