Never pass up an opportunity to GET ALONG with others

This can be hard, but is oh so rewarding and exposes you to a wide variety of views and ideas which you might otherwise have never known existed. The key to getting along is to focus on the areas where you agree with others and to spend less time and emotion where you disagree.

Remind yourself that arguing never changes beliefs, but actions, over time, can slowly wear away the most stubborn of beliefs. Spend time and energy on your actions, focus on what others are saying that you agree with and never lose sight of the fact that getting along and being more judicious with your words is not a sign of weakness or giving in. In fact, it shows that you are coming from a place of power and are confident in your own views.

The person that argues and yells and resorts to name calling is not passionate about their views, they actually are very insecure and think somehow that by berating others they can be “right.” Listening to others and letting them have their say and not arguing is a good thing and will help you better understand how someone else sees the world.

Stop looking for arguments.
Start being more compassionate.