Never pass up an opportunity to see someone not as they are today but as what they might BECOME

Most of us smile when we see children and find it easy to imagine the great things they will do with their lives but once a person reaches their mid-twenties we, for some unknown reason, begin to stop seeing a person’s future as something great. We get stuck on their history. We limit their future to the path that has been their past, as if the wake behind a boat determined where the boat could go next. We forget that everyone can change (if they really, really want to) and that the change can be huge.

The more we look not at what people are today but instead imagine what they can become, the more we help others live the life of their dreams and maybe, just maybe, it will be our encouragement that helps them get to their potential.

Ask people where they are heading, what their goals and dreams are and then not only see them accomplishing it but also encourage them to make sure they get there. If it helps try imagining that they are five again and just starting their dream, would you tell a child that they cannot be a doctor? Then why do you limit the future of a twenty-five year old?

Start believing in the potential that lies within us all.