Never pass up an opportunity to LISTEN, to tune everything else out and just listen to what someone else is saying

This can be a hard one, it’s almost not natural but it can be truly amazing. Listen, I mean really listen, don’t let your mind wander to what you want to say when the person talking takes a breath, become absorbed in their every word and their body language, lose yourself in the moment as if your very future depended on your ability to recall exactly what you heard them say, how they said it and how it made you feel.

Listen as if they were giving you some secret recipe for life. Try to not only hear their words but feel their emotions. Be in the now 100%. The better you listen the more likely others are to listen to what you have to say later on and the more likely you are to hear what could be opportunities for you in what they are saying.

The more we pay attention the more opportunities we see and the more we realize that there are infinite opportunities around us all the time, we are just too lost in the past, or dreaming about the future, to see them and then on the rare occasions that we do see them we call it luck or assume we somehow attracted them to us. But in reality they were there all the time, we were just too busy to notice.

Become the best listener ever!