Never pass up an opportunity to start a NEW TRADITION

Believe it or not at one time or another every single tradition that you celebrate did not exist. Makes you think.

In my case the understanding that every tradition was “created” gave me permission to create my own traditions, be it as simple as taking my grandson to the park to feed the ducks on the 2nd Saturday of every month or having a celebration of “just because” with my wife on October the 2nd of every year.

There really are no rules, no limits, you can create whatever tradition you want; just follow through and do it and make it fun. But also be willing to change it and replace it with an even better tradition.

The key is to stop waiting for someone else’s tradition to tell you when to send flowers to someone you love or spend some time with family and friends.

I told my wife years ago we could celebrate valentine’s day and birthdays and mother’s day or we could celebrate throughout the year whenever we felt like it but we would not do both. She chose random celebrations on the spur of the moment (which is now our tradition: don’t wait for “special days” to buy a gift or send flowers or go out to dinner, do it when the mood strikes) over the status quo celebrations.

Start one new tradition this year.
Make it fun and memorable!