Never pass up an opportunity to say something KIND behind someone’s back 🙂

We all have sat and listened as someone we know complained about someone else we know, telling us what they did wrong or what they said or some other non- flattering tidbit. What I suggest we try doing more of, is spreading “gossip” about the wonderful things that someone has done, how they helped you out or the great project they just created or how they are always helping out down at the library.

We all know people who are doing good things we just never “gossip” about them and I say it’s time we started. Spread the rumor about how great the principal at your child’s school is because she greets the kids as they come to school each day, or how your wonderful neighbor always smiles and says “Hello” or how your dear friend just finished taking night classes for two years after work and got that degree she was always after.

Look for all the good going on around you and tell others about it. Spread the truth about the good things you have had the privilege of seeing in others.

Start a new fad of good gossip!