Never pass up an opportunity to remain FOCUSED on your destination

If you were driving from Los Angeles to New York you would always know—throughout the trip—your final destination. You could look at a map and see just how far you had come and how far was left to go and if there were any interesting stops you might like to make along the way. You need to do the same with your life. You need to have a destination and remind yourself where you are headed and what route you are taking to get there.

In fact, another sure way to stay on track is to tell as many supportive people as you can where you are headed, since they will occasionally and often unexpectedly ask how you are doing, are you still on course? did you get there yet?

The more often you remind yourself where you are going the greater the chance that you will arrive.

Start checking at least once a month to make sure you are still heading in the proper direction and getting closer to your destination.