Never pass up an opportunity to REINVENT your life

The reason for re-inventing is to condition yourself to enjoy change, to keep from becoming a creature of habit for habit does not lead to evolution. If you still wrote like you did when you were seven or crossed the street with the confidence of a three year old your life would be scary. By doing new things, by becoming the 6 A.M. neighborhood walker and then the 6 A.M. writer and then the 6 A.M. swimmer and then the 6 A.M. web surfer, you open your life to more opportunities and keep from getting stuck in a rut.

A routine is good for machines and factory production but is ruinous as a way to live a life.

Re-inventing is the key to a more bountiful tomorrow.

Start mixing up when and how you do things and see how eye opening it can be.