Never pass up an opportunity to Picture Your SUCCESS

There is one thing that is more powerful than writing down your goals and that is seeing you goals accomplished in your mind. Seeing a successful future, where your goals are obtained, is a powerful motivator for keeping you on track and working through obstacles on the way to your goal.

Visualization can also help with a new task or a job interview or even a presentation you have to give. See yourself successfully performing the task over and over in your head. This visualization will make it easier to be successful when the time comes to perform.

Athletes do this all the time with great success. They see themselves scoring goals or getting a clutch hit or making a diving save. To the mind there is little difference between actually performing a task and visualizing it. There is no easier way to “practice” success. Visualizing your success also lowers the chances you will spend time worrying about a less than desirable outcome.

Start learning to see each task completed in your mind before you start to work on it.