Never pass up an opportunity to have a GOOD TIME!

Having a good time is a choice. If you don’t think it is, watch any sporting event. In the stands are two groups of people watching the same game yet one group leaves thrilled and the other leaves with frowns on their face and even tears in their eyes. How can that be? They all saw the same game yet the simple act of making an emotional attachment to the game’s outcome affected their mood. They can only be happy if their team wins. The game itself, the good plays, the effort, the athleticism, the excitement of being in the stands, none of that matter if all they focus on is the final score.

Every day is just like the game, you choose to find what you enjoy and focus on it and have a great day or you zoom in on what you dislike and ruin your day.

It really is a choice and you make it, constantly, minute by minute each and every day, so why not choose to have a good time?

Start paying more attention to what you like each day!