Never pass up an opportunity to find silence and let your CREATIVITY come forth in abundance

Silence is a huge advantage that our forefathers had over us and why I think many of them came up with so many inventions and works of art in such short lifetimes. Because only when you are not being bombarded with outside stimulus can you focus on a problem and find unique, creative, and powerful solutions.

This blocking out of the noise is why so many people get ideas while in the shower, it’s not silent there but when the only sound is that of water spraying through the air, when there are no other distractions, it frees the brain from working so hard to manage what’s happening around us and lets it focus in on problems. Try it.

Finding at least fifteen minutes a day to sit in silence could be a life changer and unlock the creative genius that lives hidden behind the chaos of your daily life.

Start making time each day for silence!