Never pass up an opportunity to live by the words you SPEAK

One of the best compliments ever paid me was that I am “all walk and no talk,” meaning I do it rather than spending a lot of time talking about it. Now that was not always the case, it has taken years to walk more and talk less or to talk and then make sure I followed it up with actions. And there still are times when my talking gets ahead of my walking.

I have found that the best way to make sure you follow talk up with actions is to tell as many people as you can what you plan on doing. At first people will think you are just dreaming or bragging but over time, as they see you back up what you say with actions, they will not only believe you will do what you say but will also offer to help to “make it so.”

Having a handful of people that you know are waiting to see if you follow through or not is a very good motivator for getting things done.

If need be write down things that you have said and then review that list from time to time to see if you followed through or not. If not, then you need to consider saying less or stepping up to the plate and following through with actions.

Start right now by writing down what you plan to do in the next 30 days and then DO IT!