Never pass up an opportunity to weave something NEW into the tapestry of your life

As a child we delighted in new things. We even got excited when we took hold of a crayon and ran it across a piece of paper and saw the trail it left behind. We should always be looking for new things, be they as simple as a new way to drive to your favorite spot downtown, to finding a new radio program to listen to, or to a better way for growing herbs. The key is to always learn new techniques which not only gives you more self-confidence but also more tools to draw on when you encounter a problem.

If the only way you know to fix something that is broke is by using duct tape you will have limited the possible outcomes, whereas if you know how to use glue or to weld or how to create a tongue and grove joint you are much more likely to find a more fitting solution for fixing what is broke. So when you see someone doing something new take notice, ask questions, and learn to do it too. Discover how to use a vang or normalize data or anything else that will add to your knowledge and give you more ways to approach anything that might come your way.

Start exploring new fields of endeavor and learning how craftsmen in that field go about their work.