Never pass up an opportunity to keep MOVING forward

We often find ourselves stationary as if we have forgotten where we are heading and find it much simpler to just sit and let life go by.

Why is that? Could it be because stopping is just so easy? After all, you can’t run into any roadblocks when you are not moving.

Imagine that you are driving from the west coast to the east coast and that you really, really, really want to make the trip. Now as long as you keep your final destination in mind, the occasional flat tire or the engine trouble will only slow you down for the amount of time it takes to get them fixed. But the key is keeping that final destination in mind at all times and never letting a small bump in the road stop you.

Too often something as insignificant as a broken wiper blade is enough of an excuse for us to stop. Don’t let that happen to you. Don’t let the allure of an excuse stop you from your destination. Forge ahead with all your might. Never forget why you started on the journey in the first place.

Start looking for reasons to keep moving toward your destination as opposed to excuses for giving up.