Never pass up an opportunity to IMPROVE yourself

We can always find things to get better at. There is always something we do or don’t do that can be improved. This can range from something simple like making a better omelet to things that are a little more difficult such as complaining less or not jumping to conclusions.

The key is to be observant of what you are doing or what you are about to say and ask yourself if you could do it better. It can also mean trying to use your left hand more (if you happen to be right handed) or being on time for appointments or taking a little extra time to review your work before handing it in.

Even mundane tasks such as washing the dishes or mowing the lawn can be improved upon. If a task is worth doing, it’s worth doing better than you did it last time. You should focus and give each task your all and become the best dish washer, gardener, listener, or friend that you can be.

Start working to be better today than you were yesterday!