Never pass up an opportunity to HELP someone else step into the spotlight

Often we don’t even think about it, but if you happen to be in a position where others listen to what you have to say or clamor to purchase your goods or services, then you are in a position to allow someone else the experience of being in the spotlight every now and then.

Talking up the great job someone else is doing or asking someone to present their idea at the next meeting or making the community aware of the talents of a friend or co-worker with a letter to the editor, all of these things which may seem trivial to you could be the highlight of the month (or even the year) for the person you shine the light on. It might embarrass a person or two when you single them out but it will also make them feel good inside knowing that you took the time to point out to others the qualities you see in them or in what they have accomplished.

Start shining a spotlight on the talent you see around you!