Never pass up an opportunity to help others SUCCEED

Success of those around you does not mean you cannot succeed too. In fact, it is said that you can only be as successful as the five people you interact with the most in life. So, helping those close to you reach their goals and encouraging them to shoot for the stars improves your chances of success as well.

Often all it takes to help someone else succeed is to encourage them in their endeavors and telling other people about the great things your friends are doing. Or, it may also involve you introducing one friend to another. You will only know what you can do to help others by asking them what they are trying to do, what goals they are trying to achieve.

One note of caution, when offering your help to people who have not known you for very long expect them to be leery of your motives. After all, they have been trained by society to be wary of strangers bearing gifts or in this case offering a helping hand. Now I have found you can quickly quell these fears by explaining your motives up front. Tell them the more everyone around you succeeds the better your chances for success and the better off your entire community will be.

Start asking your friends their goals and then look for ways to help them get there!