Never pass up an opportunity to help a caterpillar become a BUTTERFLY

Everyone is a caterpillar until they start doing something that they feel gives them life. For nature’s caterpillar the change into a butterfly is pre-destined. For most of us however, doing what we are passionate about takes effort and courage.

More people will tell us why we cannot become butterflies than those who encourage us to do what we really want.

Always be the voice of encouragement telling folks they can leave their caterpillar life and fly like a butterfly, it just takes effort and time. In fact, even bug them to spend some time really focusing on what they really want (like the time a caterpillar spends in the cocoon) and then help them to break out and pursue their passion.

Start looking for people in your life that are still caterpillars but seem ready to put forth the effort necessary to transform into a magnificent butterfly and give them all the help and encouragement that you can.