Never pass up an opportunity to FREE yourself from a bad habit

We all have things we do that we wish we did not do. It could be as simple as forgetting people’s names to something more serious such as smoking or drinking too much.

Whatever the bad habit may be, you should always be on the lookout for something that can act as the catalyst to make you quit doing it. Reading about an accident in which a teenager’s life was cut short due to drinking and driving might be what it takes to get you to stop your excessive drinking or hearing about someone losing their job due to always coming in late may make you realize your habit of always being late needs to be rectified. The key is to be watching for the opportunity to find an event that is strong enough to make you finally step up to the plate and eliminate the bad habit from your life.

You will never regret losing a bad habit but you will always be dogged by feelings of guilt as long as the bad habit is still in your life.

Start looking for excuses to stop your bad habit today!