Never pass up an opportunity to ENCOURAGE someone to pursue their dreams

No matter how impossible someone’s dream may sound to you, encourage them to pursue it. Nothing great was ever the result of a ho-hum dream. No one ever created without first having a dream and the desire to bring it to life. Cars, satellites, the television, even the printed book were all impossible dreams at one time or another that eventually were realized by someone. Why, even Disneyland was once an impossible dream, same with the Harry Potter novels, or Star Wars.

Be the YES in the room when you hear someone tell you their goals.

Be the cheerleader, encouraging others in the pursuit of their dreams.

Stop making that “it will never happen face” when you hear someone else’s dream and begin instead to light up with enthusiasm at the mere thought of their dream coming true!

Start asking everyone about their dreams and then look for opportunities to help them make their dreams come true.