Never pass up an opportunity to do what you are AFRAID to do

Most of us have things that we would rather not do, things that we “fear.” For many people it’s taking a test or speaking in front of a group (something that I happen to love to do but it was not always that way I had to make myself do it until it become second nature). The more often you do things you’d rather not do, things that give you butterflies inside, the higher your confidence rises and that rise will open more doors and give you access to more opportunities than ever before. You see, when people around you feel your confidence they conspire (knowingly or not) to help you succeed.

No one likes helping someone that is not willing or is afraid to help themselves. So the simple act of doing things that make you uncomfortable will expand your possibilities and open up new opportunities for you.

Start listing things that you are afraid of and then one by one do them!