Never pass up an opportunity to do/be DIFFERENT for it just might be the difference that changes the world!

Being the same might be easy but it will not change things or solve big problems. Now this does not mean pointing out what you disagree with all the time or putting down what others are doing or what commonly would be referred to as “rocking the boat.”

Being different is not about putting others down or “dogging” on what others are doing, it is about doing things your way and letting your success and actions speak for themselves. In fact, as Thumper says, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.”

You should even try being different from yourself and see what you discover. If you always do something the same way, if you always take the same route from your house to the store, if you always watch the same shows on TV and listen to the same station on the radio you are limiting your possibilities. Try a new route to work and a new restaurant or start parking blocks away from your destination and walk there and see what new things you discover.

The more you change things, the more you read and listen to different points of view, the more opportunities you will expose yourself to, and the better your chances of coming up with amazing ideas and solutions to everyday and possibly even societal problems. When you look at life from a different point of view you never know just what you will find.

Start forcing new routines into your life. Why not start with changing the hand you use to brush your teeth!