Never pass up an opportunity to leave someone’s day BETTER off than you found it

This is so simple and makes such a huge difference in people’s lives. Anytime you go to a friend’s house or talk to a co-worker at their desk or simply pay for goods at a check-out counter you have an opportunity to be a ray of sunshine in what may be an otherwise gloomy day.

Words of encouragement go a long way as well as heartfelt praise for things you know someone did. Taking an opportunity to thank someone for being in your life no matter if all they did was ring up your groceries is a cue to smile, to say a few kind words, and to simply acknowledge another human being.

But never be the downer, the friend that points out what’s wrong or why things will not work out. Why even go there? After all what is gained by raining on someone’s parade?

Focus on, bring up, and point out the good in a friend’s life. Raise them up. Leave the room with the friend or stranger wishing you could stay longer and yearning for your next meeting. And thank you, Loren Lilly, for reminding me about this opportunity.

Start making it a habit to acknowledge the people you come into contact with each and every day!