To say that the last 48 hours have been nerve-wracking, does not begin to do justice to the events that have transpired around here. On January 2nd, per advice from our hosting service, we moved our sites to a more powerful server.

Come Monday morning, the sites were all dead.

After many failed attempts by the hosting company to bring the sites back to life, they came up with a solution: "we highly recommended to get VPS hosting or Dedicated hosting for this kind of websites loads that you have." [as copied from email they sent]

Knowing that the sites were running fine back on January 1st, before the server upgrade, doing another upgrade doesn't make any sense. Besides, our banker reminded us that we don't have $2,500 for yet another upgrade.

So, here we are . . . working as fast as we can to get our sites (including this one) back online.
We are hoping to have ALL SITES back live by the close of business on January 9th. Thank YOU for your understanding.
It would take the cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, the direction of Steven Spielberg, and the storytelling talents of Stephen King to properly tell this tale—and if we could get Morgan Freeman to provide the narration . . . well, that would be icing on the cake. Unfortunately, our banker has informed us that we can't afford to hire such talent. And there have been rumors that you could hear the laughter clear across town, when we asked for a loan.


One Of Those Days


If you close your eyes and listen with your mind, you just might hear "the sounds." Sounds from the future-past. Long forgotten, Secret Sounds.

Mankind's salvation is in the sounds, and the "linking chip" (at least that's what it says in Number Seven's journal).

I sure hope you will join us in our quest to decipher the sounds, find the chip, and maybe save humanity along the way.

Ana Vrin
Your Reality 6 Guide